October 6, 2012
Published: October 6, 2012

My wife and I left this morning and drove to my sister and brother-in-law's home in Dayton so we could spend the day with them to take in the annual Dayton on Tour.

We met some friends of theirs when we got there - Becky and her husband Craig. Small world! Becky maintains the blog "Eating the Scenery - in and around Pasco Washington" and I have link to this blog on my Fresh Farm Markets web page. Becky and I have heard about each other through my sister and we finally got the chance to meet!


We ate an October fest lunch that consisted of Rider's sausage cooked with kraut, homemade applesauce, homemade bread and we drank some imported German beer. Well, it was about 1pm at this point.

We decided to get started with the annual Dayton on Tour which begins at the historic Dayton train depot where you purchase your tickets to view the group of historic homes that are open for viewing. This train depot is the oldest surviving one in Washington. There is also an art walk that is part of this event.

I recognized a co-worker in one of the houses on tour and discovered that he owns this house and has spent about 10 years in their restoration efforts.

And get this! We ran into my next door neighbors in front of another house on this tour!

What a small world...

It was really too late to do the art walk which ended around 4pm when we finished the home tour. So we headed on over to Skye Book & Brew to get something to eat. Craig and My brother-in-law each got a glass of beer with their meals.

But I bought a growler of their honey wheat beer to take home and found a clever way to strap the growler safely in the back seat of our car using the center arm rest and passenger seat belt. I wish I had known about this trick when I bought a growler at The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub last month.

The sunset on the way home was beautiful. But now I must clean the major bug splats off the front windshield...

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