September 30, 2012
Published: September 30, 2012

Just had a home brew tasting with my son and a friend of his. My son brewed a batch of beer that didn't make the cut - something about getting the malt and yeast out of sequence in the process. So he is going to spice the beer up with jalapenos when I'm thinking of beer bread because of the yeasty taste.

But we tasted two other brews:

DOUBLE DRIBBLE – IIPA from The Prodigal Sons in Pendleton
[8.9% ABV, 100+ IBU, 20.0 OG]
"Cascade & Warrior Hops dominate this double IPA. Five hop additions during the boil plus  dry-hopping post-fermentation push the IBUs well into Imperial territory"

(I must be a hop head for even buying this my son mentioned to me...)


Tucannon Honey Wheat from Skye Book & Brew in Dayton
"Made from Madsen winter wheat malt (the variety grown right here in Columbia County) and local Yellowstar Thistle"

Anyway, we settled on the Tucannon which reminds me to pick up a growler of this beer when my wife and I go to Dayton on Saturday for the annual Dayton Tour - more on this later...
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